Final Project Outline

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Our final project focuses on the theme of “Future”. Here is an outline for my project.

Story idea summed up in one line: My project will look at how bettering the wifi coverage in sports stadiums (or adding it if the stadium does not already have it) will maintain, and possibly increase, attendance at sports games.

Media I will use: I will utilize the data visualization by creating a survey for millennial to answer (I will define what “millennial” is); I will also use data visualization to show when fans leave during the game now (after 1st quarter, at half time, etc.) and compare this to when they left the games in the past (i.e., 30 years ago people didn’t feel so inclined to leave because they didn’t have a digital world that they needed to be connected to)

I will also do an audio interview with undergraduate students who have football season tickets (Kaitlin Regan) , basketball season tickets (Dena Ballouz), and hockey season tickets (Clare Hyde). I also want to interview UM cheerleader, Christina Shabet, again to get a perspective from an athlete who has to stay at the entire game no matter what. It would be interesting to see if she feels like she wants to leave so that she can connect to the Internet, or if she’s satisfied at the game since she has so much going on anyways.


-UM undergraduate students who attend the game (Dena Ballouz, Clare Hyde, Kaitlin Regan)

-UM Student Athlete (Christina Shabet)

Steve Kornacki: UM Journalist (I still need to hear from him, but would like to interview him for the project to see what he thinks of the idea and to see how he thinks it will impact journalism; if everybody can live tweet the game in the stadium, do we still need journalists there to live tweet it?)


Main 3 Questions:

If attendees at a sports game have great access to wifi, how does this change sports reporting? Do journalists still need to be present to live tweet the events of the game if hundreds (or thousands) of people are live-tweeting the game themselves?

Would better access to the Internet strengthen attendance participation in the game or weaken it? AKA how would audience participation change with the implementation of a better wifi connection? (i.e., would they be even more distracted on their phones and not paying attention to the game or would they participate in social media contests at the game that actually promote the sports team? Would they use the wifi to further participate in the came?)

Is the plan to strengthen wifi connections in stadiums across the country practical? Or does the expense of paying for that amount of wifi running at that high of a speed make it not worth it? Would ticket prices increase in order to pay for the wifi? If they do, does this defeat the purpose of trying to attract millennia to the stadium?

Info / Stats / Additional Notes:


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