Hi, my name is Allie and welcome to my blog!

Hailing from Royal Oak, MI, I’m a junior at the University of Michigan who, after many undecided semesters, a 24-hour pre-med phase, and a quick glance at engineering, became infatuated with, and decided to study, English and Communications. As a Michigan native and a wannabe Ann Arborite, I love anything and everything Ann Arbor. From State Street to Main you can find me reading in a bookstore, walking to a football game, or meeting up with friends in the Diag.

Honing in on my media consumption, I stay up-to-date on today’s world by regularly checking social media and keeping the news on every once in a while at dinner. Unlike my father, who spends hours every Sunday laboring over every detail of three different newspapers, I stay in the know about the news by relying on recent technology developments. Twitter and Facebook, for example, have significantly increased the pace in which news spreads, allowing me to hear about an incident on campus, or elsewhere for that matter, much faster than I ever could in the past. News sources, as local as the Michigan Daily, have Instagram accounts that post frequently keep me updated on recent events every time that I take to social media.

Although I don’t usually post news events to my social media accounts I oftentimes will comment on news stories that I see posted. And, even if I don’t, if I see the same news story multiple times on my newsfeed on Facebook, I flag the story in my head and learn more about what it has to offer.

Because of my aforementioned love for Ann Arbor, and the University that lies within, the beat of my blog will surround the topic of “School Spirit”; where is it shown, how is it shown, and how does it vary? Will it only get stronger the longer that Harbaugh is around? Is it shown at non-sporting events? Hopefully you’ll stick around with me as I try and find out.

(source: John T. Greilick, Detroit News)


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